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Doing Good with… Climate Change


: August 17, 2020

Educational Video

A 13-part educational video series for Moravian College’s Ethics course taught by Dr. Santo Marabella.

This project was produced and edited entirely by Nick Mathews from Swamp View.  This was a large undertaking that required Nick to call many of his professional contacts from his Oceanography career.

Santo and Nick interviewed expert scientists from University of Miami, NOVA, the EPA and Moravian College – a passionate educator from the Museum of Life and Science – and dedicated activists from the Citizen’s Climate Lobby and the NAACP.

The videos were funded by Moravian College Teaching & Learning Center and therefore were only made available to the students in an Ethics course at Moravian.  However, Nick is passionate about Climate Change awareness and plans to make a series of short films on the topic in the future.  Stay Tuned!