A Walk in the Park short film poster

A Walk in the Park


: April 19, 2020

Short Film

A ~9 minute short film about a homeless LBGTQ teenager who finds warmth in strangers

This film shot in February 2020 in collaboration with Santo Marabella, Nathan Bonslaver, Doug Horvat, Andrew Pochan, and Camryn Swafford, and featured actors Mark Elliot and Kyle Conrad.

This project was a milestone for us because it was the first time that Nick’s gear had been used to its full potential.  We had brought a full van full of camera equipment and our knowledge of the gear was put to the test.

We also got to work with seasoned professionals who have worked on major TV shows and documentaries.  Working with them and being able to pick their brains even for two days was incredible.

Post production was completed in April 2020. Be on the lookout for it at your local film festival! In the meantime, check it out on IMDB.