Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out our video portfolio. We seriously appreciate each and every one of you who stop by here.

Below you will find all of our published video projects that we have permission to share with you. Personally, we want to look back on this space and see where we’ve come from.

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What Is Mead?

Published January 2020

Our very first video project was an interview with the founder of Rebel Hive Meadery in Reading, PA. This video answers a common question that a lot of people have:  what is mead?

We definitely learned a lot in conducting this interview. Ryan personally has help us get involved with home-brewing mead. While our first batch wasn’t nearly as good as the mead Ryan makes at Rebel Hive, we’re not giving up just yet. As Ryan says in the video, try some mead if you have never done so before, and if you don’t like it, try a different one. Cheers!

Introducing Downtown Wellness Berks

Published February 2020
Our second project was to tell the story of a brand new non-profit program that promotes wellness businesses and education in the Berks County area.

Tony and I were invigorated by all of the conversations we had with these very passionate wellness-minded professionals. This is only the first of several videos that we will be making to highlight the wellness resources in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Slow Motion Jenga

February 2020

While working on a corporate video, we thought we’d go above and beyond and create our own B-Roll for a part of the video where the interviewee referred to Jenga.  The video above will show you a very short clip of the B-Roll that we made for that corporate video.  Unfortunately, we cannot show the entire video for privacy reasons.

West Reading Fashion Show 2020

Pubilshed May 2020

I came across the opportunity to help make a video for the West Reading Revitalization Foundation in his hometown.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Specifically I was asked to film a fashion show fundraiser that was being put on by the foundation and several local boutiques.  It was the first time I had ever filmed a live event and I loved the excitement of having to think on my feet.

I met lots of wonderful people in the process of making this video and was happy to be able to expand my repertoire into a new genre of videography.

“A Walk in the Park”

Premiered April 2020

A ~9 minute short film about a homeless LBGTQ teenager who finds warmth in strangers

This film shot in February 2020 in collaboration with Santo Marabella, Nathan Bonslaver, Doug Horvat, Andrew Pochan and Camryn Swafford, and featured actors Mark Elliot and Kyle Conrad.

This project was a milestone for us because it was the first time that Nick’s gear had been used to its full potential.  We had brought a full van full of camera equipment and our knowledge of the gear was put to the test.

We also got to work with seasoned professionals who have worked on major TV shows and documentaries.  Working with them and being able to pick their brains even for two days was incredible.

Post Production was completed in April 2020.  Be on the lookout for it at your local film festival!

In PreProduction: “Next Step Berks”

A 15 minute video describing the challenges of living on your own as an adult with autism

Will be released in April 2020